I love Daily Telegraph comments

Reading Daily Mail comments to fuel your leftwing self-righteousness is just plain silly. Yes, reading about how no-one speaks ‘British’ anymore may be somewhat amusing, but if you really want to feel superior against a worthy opponent, the Daily Telegraph is the best thing on offer. Not only are the opinions on display often more extreme than that of the tabloids, but they’re presented in a coherent, grammatically correct style, and you feel like you’re up against a worthy opponent (albeit one you consider batshit insane, as they do you) as opposed to what feels like stamping on a brain damaged alley cat with swastikas tattooed into each side of its fur.

here’s an example:

The dominant female gender will dispense with traditional coupling and resort to AI for procreation as there won’t be enough respectable, employed and reliable males partners out there for even 10% of women.

So upmarket bordellos populated by gigolos for sexual gratification will be needed to cater for female sexual needs, making most of the male of the species completely and utterly redundant.

Down here in Devon on the farm we only need a tiny number of male animals for reproduction – the rest have their testes removed and are fattened for slaughter when good and meaty, after 30 months. Long pig, anyone? A whole new line in upmarket supermarket “happy meat” beckons.

With no role in industry, with no need for cannon fodder for overseas wars and lacking the ability to perform well in Gove’s Brave New Educational World of Sexual Selection, perhaps it would be kinder to abort 50% of male foetuses before they are even born in future – or we could develop a conception selection pill to ensure we only produce as many male babies as are going to be gainfully employed?

Traditional Tory Values writ large – naked competition rules OK – and unless there is a complete rethink about Gove’s “back to O Levels & the Old school”, this is the logical conclusion to what will happen.

Clearly no one with any sense has thought this one through – god help the coming generations.

This isn’t an extreme example, this is a popular comment selected from the first few on the article I happened to be reading. The person writing this is much more likely to have any sort of influence than John Smith UK, Location: Broken Britten, fuck the Eussr.
I’m also now admitting to sneering at groups such as the EDL for badly spelled placards as much as their islamophobia. While holding no strong love for the culture and history of my country for many reasons aside from being a disgusting anarcho-commie, as someone with a huge interest in languages and linguistics I have a big interest in the English language. I’m not going to mock such things anymore. The working classes are the key to fundamentally changing society in favour of the working classes, and coming from that background myself it’s easy to forget that I left school (a good state school, but still) with almost zero knowledge of grammar. Yes, my early online confrontations involved such well constructed arguments as “Your an idiot” The main driving force for learning English grammar was mockery from people in other countries. I remember feeling pretty fucking enraged, and subsequently teaching myself it online. That doesn’t mean foreign or domestic mockery is going to work for anyone else, and by mocking those who have little knowledge of the English language in terms of vocabulary or grammar, we’re reinforcing the odd new stereotype of today’s left being entirely privileged, often taught at public schools, as well as disparaging the working class for being taught at a sub-par standard, something with we’d normally (and should) be blaming capitalism for. So catchy as it is, I don’t think I’ll be putting ‘Muslamic Ray Guns’ autotune as my new ringtone. If our state schools and our media are determined to keep the hardworking, overworked and underpaid section of our society largely ignorant, laughing at the victims of such an arrangement is both callous and distracting.

The one exception will be ‘Never submit to Aslan’ as someone who read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I can’t help but smile at that one. But from now on, it’ll be an internal smirk.