An interview with the Headmaster of Trinity Catholic High School, Dr Paul Doherty

Oh Dear. That problem with the children leaving their faith at 14/15 is still happening? Colour me surprised. I wonder if he’s stuck sex education on the syllabus yet.

Omar Shahid

Dr Paul Doherty commands respect: he has that reverential aura that when he enters the room, even the most raucous people shut up. Dr Doherty, an award winning author and historian, has published 80 novels and is known under the pseudonyms Paul Harding, C.L. Grace and Vanessa Alexander. Most importantly, though, he has been the headmaster of Trinity Catholic High School in Woodford Green, Essex, for 30 years.

His secretary calls me into his office and, upon entering the room, I am met with a pair of analyzing eyes and a half-smile. He greets me in his husky voice: “Hello Omar”.

 Woodford Green — a fairly affluent and calm suburb in North East London — has witnessed two shootings in recent weeks. What does he make of it all?

 “The area is definitely changing. I haven’t got stats, but aren’t guns becoming more common? Much of violence in London is…

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